Regina, Isaac, and Julius standing in their new home!

Jambo Friends,

Well, a lot has been happening this year with Ronesa, and the entire Olosho-Oibor Village for that matter. The photo above is the most recent picture of the orphanage that is coming along nicely. We hope to have it built by the time we arrive in Kenya in June, but we know the children are already celebrating having a home to call their own. Their smiles say it all. These are the first 4 orphans sponsored by our Colorado friends Scott and Gloria whom are also building the orphanage. It is so exciting having them live on the same site as Ronesa Academy. Not only do they now have a home, they also have a school to attend for the first time ever! We are so excited for them, and also for the other 29 new students who started at Ronesa in January of 2013. When I was there in November of 2012, there were 50 students, so the school and its good reputation have surely spread throughout Maasailand!

I have also been in close contact with Simon, the area manager of the Energy Center. He has reported that the Bore-hole that was being drilled has finally been successful. They finally reached water after 18 hours of non-stop pumping…..AND it is clean water no less! This is a huge event in Olosho-Oibor as they have had many failed attempts over the last 10 years. Rosemary even reported to me that they have water being pumped over to Ronesa! For a place that doesn’t normally experience a lot of change, a lot has changed in this community in the last 3 months for sure!

We are just 2 months away from returning to Kenya. This year we have 2 teams going with me in June. The first group will consist of my friend and Shaffer’s Kindergarden teacher Ms. Favero and her husband. We will also have 3 other girls with us from Vision Photography, a neighborhood business and the owners are a family from our Shaffer Community. I am so excited to have them all join me in Kenya. Once the first group leaves, my family will be joining me June 19th. My sister and 4 of our daughters will be making the journey to Kenya. Both teams are busy getting their shots, passports, and fundraising for their exciting African Adventure. Of course I love Africa…..but my biggest joy is seeing Africa through the eyes of all these wonderful volunteers that come with me each summer. They go expecting to help change lives……and they surely do! But, it is our lives that change and that is a beautiful thing!

Until next time…..