Started Kilimanjaro Walk for Water Fundraiser (4/15/15)

Today we launched the Kilimanjaro Walk for Water Fundraiser to raise $30,000 to drill a bore hole that will provide fresh water to the children of Ronesa Academy, Namayiana Children's Home and the villagers of Olosho-Oibor, Kenya.
To encourage support for our fundraiser, from June 4th through June 10, 2015, my husband Rod and I will begin one of the biggest challenges of our lives: climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! Mt. Kilimanjaro rises 19,341 feet above the plains of Africa, or 5,895 meters. We are committed to the climb and are asking people interested in helping to donate one penny per meter, or $58.95. If that does not fit your budget then consider donating 1/2 of that ($29.48) or 1/10 of that ($5.90). Any amount you are able to contribute is most welcome! Your entire donation is tax deductable and will go directly to the project, as we are covering all of our own expenses.
For more information and to donate please see