Mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro (6/10/15)

We made it to the rooftop of Africa! It is hard to put into words what this experience was like, but suffice to say, it was the hardest thing any of us have ever done in our entire lives. I'm not going to lie......there were a few tears when I finally saw the famous Kilimanjaro signs. I just couldn't believe I was there. I've seen so many photos of people in that very spot and dreamed of being there one day. After 6 days of climbing over 15,000 feet, it was our turn to stand in that very spot ....and it felt amazing! We started our final ascent at midnight, with our two fabulous guides and 4 of our fearless porters right along side us making sure we succeeded. Each step was laborous, every breath intentional, and after 6 and hours we finally reached our goal JUST as the sun broke through the horizon. It could not have been more perfect. All 4 of us made it to the top, without incident, and I couldn't be more proud to have shared this experience with my husband Rod, step-daughter Ali Rose Manuel, and my awesome cousin Brad Gorman. We achieved a personal goal, but did it for a GREATER purpose........to provide a well for our beloved school and Children's Home in Kenya. Thank you again for your help in making their dreams come true as well! ( pun intended:>) http://www.youcaring.com/…/kilimanjaro-walk-for-wate…/331904