Ronesa Update - 6/28/16

It's been an exciting 2 weeks so far here in Kenya, and especially wonderful being back "home" with Mama Sheila again. Our kids are thriving at Ronesa Academy and it's been a lot of fun having my friend Andrea Graney and her two daughters with me. They were both former students of mine, so a teacher's dream come true having them here! There are 133 students at Ronesa now and it's fun watching them grow and learn from year to year. Their English is astounding, their education is top-notch, and their love for us and one another is something to behold. The water project is almost complete. I'm hoping to still be here when they connect the pump and finish building the tower/holding tanks area the week of July 3rd. Either way, the community is celebrating the bore hole and constantly thanking the, "Wonderful Friends from Colorado," for making this dream a reality! Water is life and it has truly transformed the community here. Thank you so much for all my family, friends, and school community who have supported our sister school in Kenya! Trust me when I say that you have quite literally changed the trajectory of their lives here. Ashe Oleng! (Thank you in Maa:)