We are off on another African Adventure. This time I get to take with me not one, not two, but 4 former students!  It is one of those things that you can only imagine and hope for when they are sitting in your classroom as 9 and 10 year olds.  I’m always amazed when years later they contact me and say, “O.k. Mrs. Manuel, it’s time to go to Kenya!”  I’m a firm believer in the value of planting seeds and waiting and watching for those little sprouts to grow…..and they never disappoint!

We plan on doing a lot of renovation work on the school while we are there, while also continuing the work of piping the water from our well to the various locations around the school. We will also be delivering cows/goats/chickens to the needy in the village, which is always a lot of fun. Most our time will be spent with the  children at Ronesa Academy. Grant and Sophia will also get to meet their 4th grade Pen Pals!  We have 8 large bags packed with all the donations given to us from schools, soccer teams, family and friends. What an amazing privilege it is to watch this school go from 5 kids in a chicken coop (the original 5 in the picture above) to over 100 kids in a 7-classroom, fully accredited school. None of this would be possible without the hundreds of caring hearts that have poured into this project over the last 7 years. You have quite literally changed the lives of hundreds of children who would not otherwise have a school, essentials to learn, and hope for a better life.

Thank you again for all of you who have cared, given, and found purpose in making a difference….one person at a time.  “We rise by lifting others.”  ~ Robert Ingersoll

Ashe Oleng (Thank you)