At Ronesa Academy, our focus is to provide Pre-K through 5th grade (and expanding) children with an integrated curriculum where both Western and Maasai traditions are honored and encouraged. Ronesa Academy is situated within the village of Olosho-Oibor and is a close neighbor to the Olosho-Oibor K-8 government run school.  This primary school has over 680 students with just 9 amazing teachers attending to all of them.

The education environment in Africa is vastly different than what we experience in the United States.
In the U.S., we have a choice of where to send our kids to school, private/private, where uniforms may or may not be required.  Students in Kenya must abide by strict rules in order to attend any school.  These rules often require them to pay not only for tuition, but for the proper uniform as well.

  • TUITION: Each student at Ronesa Academy must pay between $15-$20/month depending on whether they take porridge and/or lunch each day.  For most, this is the only food they get each day.
  • UNIFORMS:  It is mandatory for each child to wear a school uniform in Kenya.  This financial burden can be quite a hardship for a pastoral society such as this for a people that may or may not have enough to eat much less buy clothes.

It is said that if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.
Ronesa Academy was started in 2009 with just 5 students using a chicken coop as a classroom.  As of January 2016, we now have 133 amazing children enrolled and 8 teachers.  We are very proud to share that 50% of our enrollment are girls, which is quite impressive considering how the Maasai once shunned education for the girls.

This English speaking school now has 4 teachers and a Headmaster.  The children learn both English and Swahili along with their native language of Ma.  It is our hope to educated Maasai children today so that they may become the future leaders of tomorrow.


Girls Enrolled in Ronesa

Currently, 50% of those enrolled at Ronesa are girls. Quite impressive given the Maasai recently shunned education for girls.


Post-Secondary Education

Only 8% of the Kenyan population aged 15 years old and above have post-secondary education.