The Ronesa Team

SIMON PARKESIAN, Manager of UNIDO, (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)

Simon is the Manager of UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in the village of Olosho-Oibor.  The organization provides electricity to the government school, dispensary, village church, and the Rescue Center for Girls through a 3 phase generator.

Simon works effortless to improve the living conditions for the people of Olosho-Oibor.  He is the “go-to,” guy whenever someone visits the village.  Julie and Rosemary work closely with Simon and he is a valued resource in assessing and determining the needs of the Maasia in the community in which they serve.

Simon was born and raised in Olosho-Oibor, along with his 5 brothers and 6 sisters.  He was educated and received his diploma in Sales Marketing and Management from Griffin College in Nairobi.  He is married to a teacher, Sylvia, and has 2 young sons.  Simon is a loyal friend to the many Mzungus (white-faced people), and has us laughing every time we are with him.

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