SPONSOR A CHILD - Save Them from the Bonds of Polygamy


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For the 133 children that currently attend Ronesa Academy, it is a privilege to attend school in the village of Olosho-Oibor, especially for the children who are part of a polygamist family.

The Devastating Impact of a Polygamous Society.  While the practice of having many wives is frowned upon, some Maasai families still actively participate in this tradition. Most of these children have parents who are illiterate and many of their mothers are married to Maasai men who have 2 or more wives. Occasionally when a man takes another wife, the mothers are put in a position to find their own way to provide for their own children.  It creates a hardship that most can not overcome without help. They are uneducated, are not allowed to have any of their husband’s livestock, and often have to figure out how to start all over again.

Education Offers a Future.  Even in the face of such hardship, many of these brave mothers know it is important for their children to have an education to escape the kind of lives they had and have enrolled their children in our school. Not only does Ronesa Academy provide these children with an education, the food they receive there might be the only food they receive all day.

Unfortunately, there are many barriers.  The Kenyan government requires children to wear a uniform to school.  In addition to the uniform, they need tuition and school supplies as well.  If they cannot afford these, they are not allowed to attend school.  This is especially critical for the girls.  If they are unable to continue their education, they are expected to marry and begin their families, regardless of age.  Education is a pivotal point for children in Kenya.

What Your Sponsorship Provides.  
  • K - 8th Grade.  Children in Kenya attend public schools until 8th grade.  The children go to school for 3 terms a year before moving up to the next grade level every January.  Sponsors are needed to support a child for at least 1 year of classes.  Your sponsorship of $150 / year will cover school fees, one uniform, and two meals a day.  In addition, you'll receive photos, progress reports and stories of how your child is doing.
  • 9th - 12th Grade:    After 8th grade, children may attend boarding school for their high school years, if they can find a sponsor. Your sponsorship of $600 to $800 / year will cover room and board, a mattress, a traveling trunk, school fees, books and a uniform.  In addition, you'll receive photos, progress reports and stories of how your child is doing.
Your sponsorship literally means a brighter future for these little angels.  Please take a look at these brave children currently in need of your help. If you have any questions about sponsoring a child, please contact Julie Manuel at 720-299-4680.  Their destiny is in your hands.

Rachel Ntati

Grade - Baby Class

Karen Yiuntet

Grade Pre-Unit (similar to kindergarten)

Caroline Namunyak

Grade Pre-Unit (similar to kindergarten)