Sustainability Opportunities in Kenya

Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important issue in development, as those living below the poverty line directly rely on the water and land resources surrounding their communities.

With only 8 percent of arable land and 75 percent of Kenya's workforce engaged in agriculture, Kenyan farmers face growing problems of soil erosion, deforestation, water pollution, and desertification.
The recent drought in 2006—the most severe in independent Kenya's history—devastated the country, leaving 3.5 million people with barely enough food to survive. Meanwhile, in northern Kenya, pastoralists have lost their herds to starvation and conflicting tensions are mounting over scarce water resources.  (Source:  Foundation for Sustainable Development)

Imagine having the ability to empower a community by providing them with the basic tools  they need to change their future.  This power comes through the gifts of education and long-lasting sustainability.

Through various education, nutrition and sustainability programs, we provide the Maasai with the resources and skills that will enable them to move forward in real and tangible ways.
Each program is designed and integrated with the collaborative efforts of the people of Maasailand.   We help to prepare agents of change, so they in turn realize a sustainable future for generations to come.  There are many ways to help in sustainability from fundraising an event in your local community, give a donation, volunteer to help a specific project, or refer us to a business or individual who may be able to help us help others.

2016 Water Project Update:  Due to our 2016 water project, we can now help the Maasai be more sustainable, which is our primary goal.  The school will be able to educate, feed and even sell water and food to the neighboring community. The profits will benefit the school needs and enable them to run more efficiently.


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Goats & Chickens

Providing the Maasai with goats and chickens provides them with milk, eggs - items to feed their families for a lifetime.

bore-hole-1 (1)

Drilling a Bore Hole

A bore hole provides a life line to fresh water and less illness.