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Our mission is to help our sister community of Ronesa, Kenya, by providing them with tools they need, but cannot afford, so they may thrive and sustain themselves within and beyond their village, contributing to society.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” — Dr. Seuss

Ronesa Borehole Fundraiser

What is going on with the water situation at Ronesa?

As of June 2023, Ronesa no longer has water! The issue is two-fold. First, the 4-year drought has lowered the water levels available in the aquifer; the underground layer of water. Groundwater from aquifers can be extracted using a water well. We already had a well drilled in 2016 and had been successfully pulling water to sustain our Ronesa community, but now it is completely dry because of the lower-levels of water. We are literally pumping air! Second, there have been 2 new wells drilled within 100 yards of our well; the neighboring Polytech college, and a new landowner. Both of their wells are 50-100 meters deeper than ours; thus their wells are getting all the available water! We are currently buying water each week for the students and staff, but as you can imagine, that is getting very costly. We can not sustain the many programs we’ve worked so hard to develop without available water! More importantly, the students and staff are having to resort to accessing dirty water again and in some cases sharing the water with their livestock. Water-borne diseases are once again disrupting their ability to learn and even attend school. Please donate to our fundraiser so that we can keep our Ronesa community healthy, happy, and able to learn.

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Support the Benefits of Play

For our next project, we would like to focus on the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Development of our beautiful children at Ronesa Academy. In America, we certainly know the benefits of playing and how well that improves the overall development of our children.  In Africa, few have the resources to provide adequate play equipment for their students. While children find creative ways to play at recess time, we would like them to have something more that a few jump ropes, a deflated soccer ball, and maybe a few tires to roll around in the dirt.

Physically, our goal is to provide students with playground equipment that will help them build stamina, develop muscle and reflex actions while supporting an active lifestyle.  Mentally, we would like to improve their concentration, creativity, and problem solving skills within their proximity to…

Ronesa / Shaffer Fun - 2016



Providing Pre-K through 5th grade (and expanding) children with an integrated curriculum where both Western and Maasai traditions are honored and encouraged.


The Maasai are a semi-nomadic pastoral people who migrate between semi-arid lowlands and more humid uplands to obtain water and grazing pasture for their livestock.


Empower a community by providing them with the basic tools they need to change their future. This power comes through the gifts of education and long-lasting sustainability.