Give the Gift of Education

The education environment in Africa is different than what we experience in the United States.  We have the choice of going to a private or public school and we normally decide what the dress code will be.  The people living in Kenya must abide by strict rules in order to attend school, or they may not attend.  Rules that require them to pay not only for tuition, but for a proper uniform.

Each student at Ronesa is required to pay approximately $150/year in order to attend a K – 8th, and $600/year for 9th – 12th grade government managed school.  The 9th – 12th grade students must go away to boarding school to complete their education.  If they cannot pay this fee, they may not attend school.

Support a child so they may attend a K-12 school for one year.  Your donation tuition of $150/year for a K – 8th student or $600/year for a 9th – 12th grade student would be truly priceless.

If you have questions about this donation, please contact JULIE MANUEL at 720-299-4680 or