VOLUNTEER WITH US – We Guarantee It Will Change The Way You View The World

JOIN US IN KENYA!  It will change your life.

Every summer we organize several teams to travel to Ronesa, Kenya to volunteer their time and energy within the community.  Julie Manuel stays 5 to 6 weeks, during which time she oversees 2-3 teams of volunteers as they help out in the Ronesa community during their stay.

As a volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to experience life in this beautiful but unforgiving part of our world.  You can choose to work at the school (Ronesa Academy), help out in the orphanage (Namayiana Children’s Home), participate in the delivery of goats, cows and chickens, work with the girls in the Safehouse, volunteer to teach at the nearby government school of Olosho-Oibor (K – 8), visit despondent families and assess their needs, work with Simon at the Energy Center, and just help out where ever the help is needed most.

Every day is literally an adventure that you will never forget. And while conditions can be “uncomfortable,”, you will quickly learn to adapt and dread the day that you must leave.  And don’t forget that as long as you are there, fitting in a Safari is a must and easy to organize through our dear friend, Mr. Safari (Edward).

For more information about this life changing volunteer experience within our Ronesa Community, please contact Julie Manuel for more details at 720.299.4680 or jmanuel@ronesa.com.