Our mission is to help our sister community of Ronesa by providing them with tools they need, but cannot afford, so they may thrive and sustain themselves within and beyond their village and become contributing members of society.  The tools we provide are not given to them so they will become reliant on others, they are given with the sole purpose of providing the Maasai people with the necessities they need to succeed.

The programs we created focus on three main areas;

  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Sustainability

Our hope is that each year, with the generous donations from family, friends, businesses, and neighbors, that we will make a difference in improving the lives of our global community in Kenya.  If each person strives to make just one more situation better, help one more boy/girl go school, feed one person another meal, than we have quite literally changed the trajectory of another person’s life, so that they in turn can do the same for someone else.


Providing Pre-K through 5th grade (and expanding) children with an integrated curriculum where both Western and Maasai traditions are honored and encouraged.


The Maasai are a semi-nomadic pastoral people who migrate between semi-arid lowlands and more humid uplands to obtain water and grazing pasture for their livestock.


Empower a community by providing them with the basic tools they need to change their future. This power comes through the gifts of education and long-lasting sustainability.