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Physical Activity is a Win-Win

For our next project, we will focus on the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Development of our beautiful children at Ronesa Academy.

In America, we certainly know the benefits of playing and how well physical activity improves the overall development of our children. In Africa, few have the resources to provide adequate play equipment for their students. While children find creative ways to play at recess time, we would like them to have something more that a few jump ropes, a deflated soccer ball, and maybe a few tires to roll around in the dirt.

Physically, our goal is to provide students with playground equipment that will help them build stamina, develop muscle and reflex actions while supporting an active lifestyle.  Mentally, we would like to improve their concentration, creativity, and problem solving skills within their proximity to nature.  Emotionally, we know that playing improves self confidence, reduces anxiety, helps the mind to relax and improves self expression.

We will be working with an organization called, “PolyPlay,” to design suitable play equipment to meet the needs of our 133 students.

Please help us to meet our goal of $5,000 to embrace and enhance the wonderful world of Ronesa students.  Asante Sana! (Thank you)

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